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Decade after decade Galusha & Sons, LLC continues to evolve and its reach is without limits. It is our mission to provide value and the highest level of customer service in the industry. Loyalty to our customers and our commitment to their needs is our primary focus.

As a familyrun business, our passion is loyalty to the customer, which is proven by our many repeat customers. In essence, our mission is to grow with our customers by providing them the very best service and value.

We aim to accomplish the task through providing well-rounded services. Our general scope of operation includes single-family subdivisions, multi-family complexes and commercial development. At the heart of these various types of projects is our estimating department, which sees the project through beginning-to-end that provides a quality product at the right value.

We are also eager to provide ‘value-engineering’ that makes our customer’s interests a reality, and at no cost to the customer. Key to this happening is our working closely with engineers and architects in the design-build process, bringing an on-the-ground perspective to the overall mission. In the end, our customer ends up with a well-orchestrated team that achieves goals in a timely and cost-effective fashion.



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